X - Jump

C - Yellow Shot

V - Purple Shot

Left/Right Arrow Keys - Movement during stationary screens

Down Arrow Key - Drop down from ledges

Updated 9/19!


Foolish Mortal!  You have stepped into the final resting place of the late composer Johannes Bones.  Now you must move to the beat and jam to defeat the denizens of the dead! When the beat ring reaches you (and turns teal), you can shoot perfect notes dealing lots of damage! Shooting off the beat will only shoot out pitiful rests.  Fighting to the beat will give you a combo so you can rack-up points!


This game is a WIP and this demo build in no way reflects the finished product! Corners had to be cut in order to meet the deadline, updates will follow with a more stable build of the game with more intended features. Sorry for the inconsistent level design.


Art by @DefectiveDr0id

Code by Steven Beller

Music by Christopher Wood

Help from @blockops


Windows 26 MB

Development log


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Come follow me for more great games and feedback. bring any of your projects by or updates and I would love to play them again.

nice game! The art and music is great but the way it throws you into things is a bit much. It would be nice to have a simple, non-forced-scrolling level to start with so you can figure out the controls. :)

Thanks for all of the feedback! Really enjoyed watching you play. We definitely need to add a tutorial section, we even had a music loop for it but not nearly enough time. I like the idea of the up arrow as an alternative key for jumping,

Your instructions confused me as it seemed like I was't supposed to use arrow keys for forced movement but we did need them to go up and down. After the third time of dying in the spikes I finally realized we had to go down (thus the thinner floor) and needed to use the arrow keys.

Otherwise it was an intersting concept. It also seems like bullets are stronger when used on the beat?

Thanks for the feedback! We will add a mention of dropping down to the controls, but it sounds like the game successfully taught you to drop! Yes, shooting on the beat gives you a strong shot!